Student Holiday Tour Package

Footmark Travel and Adventures arranging package tour to cover the entire college tours program. We are specialized in tailor make packages to suit the needs of college students, be it an educational program, and team building or just fun and recreation. The best way to discover and explore Nepal’s magical combination of natural beauty, traditional culture, and rare wildlife is by taking a package tour. It’s a fantastic way to explore the dramatic contrasts in elevations, climatic condition and habitations of Nepal.
We can make programs for students to experience the natural wonders of Nepal with a visit to one of the four major national parks here. Here you can learn about and observe animals in the wild and captivity, see how the local people live in harmony with nature and observe Nepal’s efforts at wildlife conservation and preservation of the natural environment. Or we can make a program to take in the history and culture of Nepal. Travel around the ancient cities of Nepal and the rural areas, learning about the history of the buildings, and the farming methods of the local people and explore the natural countryside on foot.
Otherwise, we can arrange trekking programs, special village excursion, biking tours, rafting trips among other things to suit the needs of your group. So contact us as soonest to arrange your college trip. Also we can modify programs to suit your charity and fundraising needs. Look on our website for more information. Here’s a selection of package tour program examples of what we can arrange. When you contact us with your needs and time frame will make a suitable day by day program for you.
Explore the History of Nepal: This program takes in some of the oldest cities in Nepal allowing you explore the history and development of these places. You can see some breathtaking and intricate architecture as well as the ancient culture of the people living in these places.
Nature: This program takes you to Chitwan National park where you can explore the park searching for wildlife. You can visit the elephant and crocodile breeding centers, learn about Nepal’s methods of conservation and take in the natural beauty of the area.
Adventure: This program is aimed at a fun and action packed holiday. We take you on a short trek then brave one of Nepal’s most feared rivers as you go rafting. Finish the program with a paragliding flight from the stunning hill top town of Sarangkot.
Religion: This trip takes in all the major Hindu and Buddhist site around Nepal. We visit the birthplace of Buddha at Limbini, the most famous pilgrimage temple of Manakarmana, Buddhist monasteries where you can observe the monks lives and we can even include a trek to the holy temple of Muktinath in the lower mustang region.
Trekking: We can arrange fully organized /camping or Guesthouse treks in any parts of Nepal. Trekking with a group of students is an excellent personal development and team building exercise. Also it allows students to explore and observe the way of life and culture of the different ethnic groups of Nepal